I am 24 years old and born in The Netherlands. I studied Architecture at Delft University and will be doing my masters in Industrial Design next year. This year, I will be dedicate my time to my conservation project 'Equine Legacy'. Find more about this project here.

Growing up you could always find me with some kind of crafting material. I was always creating whether that was drawing, painting or photographing. 

I have been photographing for 10 years and hope to do so for many more years. I want to take you on my adventures and show you the Equine World through my lens.

Hi, my name is Minh Dan Vu

The Equine world through my lens

The Equine world through my lens means capturing the horses from all over the world. When working with horses there is one thing you quickly learn. You can’t force them. They have a free mind and their own will. I love to study their behavior. The way they move, the way they act, the way they think. Horses have a close bond with humans. Once a horse is calm, they let their guard down. That is when you truly see their nature, their character, their soul. And that is precisely what I want to capture. 

My goal

Photography for me is a way of telling a story. A way of provoking emotion and initiating conversations. A photograph is, in my opinion, the most valuable thing to have. Sentimental things can not be replaced. Even if it’s just a simple photo, it holds dear memories for many years. Being able to give that to people is why I do what I do. Being a photographer is about listening, to be approachable, personal and flexible. I want to tell stories, just as it is. Pure, spontaneous and real.


My philosophy

At 11 years old I won a photoshoot with my favorite horse. Upon receiving the results I realised how valuably photos can be. Soon I bought my own camera and started photographing. By being mostly self-taught I learned a lot by experience; trying out new things, getting inspired by other artists and always happy to receive feedback. I am learning the art of photography while also learning about horses and the world. By combining my love for creating and animals I found my passion. 

My story

In an abandoned church in Tuscany stood maremmano stallion Polluce. The owner perfectly described the place as: ‘Senza tempo’ which means ‘A place where time had stopped’. To combine architecture and equine photography has always been unique to me. I noticed how the light perfectly illuminated the horse and from the right angle I snapped this shot. Little did I know that I captured a winning photo.

In 2018 I won the National Geographic photo contest in the category animal. Let me tell you the story behind the winning photo.

Stallion in church'