Italy, the land of architecture, landscapes and pasta. In the summer of 2018 I traveled to Italy to my good friend Giulia Orsatti. Together we photographed several days while enjoying the Italian views. 

The trip was full of hidden gems for locations and beautiful typical Italian horses. Especially the photo session in combination with the Italian architecture made this trip a unique one. 

The people were open and friendly and people greeted each other on the streets. I experienced a giving nature and that inspired me to open up more. Let me bring you on this Italian Equine world through my lens.

Italy 2018

Timeless memories

In the midst of
picturesque Fiuggi

August 20th, 2018

In the middle of the streets in the old part of Fiuggi, a town with about just about 10.000 inhabitants stood Ugola. An incredibly well behaved mare. With her elegance and shiny coat she attracted the attention of the citizens. On a small halter she followed her owner through narrow streets and uneven terrain.

The Old town and its charm made an impression on me. Walking through the streets felt like I had traveled back in time. The vibrant colors and different textures showing bits and pieces of a  broad history. The town is known for its water which flows from natural springs and mountains. The water is famous because of its natural healing properties. Fiuggi, originally called Anticoli di Campagna, gained fame as early as the 14th century.

Photoshoot 1.

Horses in old town

The Italian Cowboys

August 21st, 2018

On a hot summer morning we drove to Tuscania. Eight typical Italian horses with their riders were waiting for us. Italy's pride, the Maremmano horses, were originally bred to herd Maremma’s cows. The people who ride these horses are called Butteri and are seen as the Italian cowboys. It is crucial for the horse and rider to be on the same page because of the quick and fast movements they have to make in order to herd the cows in one direction.

The location is a 120 hectare big park where you can find the remains of an ancient city called Vulci. The park also holds a small lake; The Lake of Pellicone. A hidden gem of peace surrounded by nature and vulcanic rock walls. 

The Maremmano breed generally stands between 152 and 160 cm and is usually bay, brown, dark chestnut or black, although gray and roan are occasionally seen. It has a long, slightly heavy head, a muscular neck that is broad at the base, a full chest and sloping shoulders. The back is short and the legs solid and sturdy with good joints and strong hooves. The breed is known for its solidity and their ability to adapt to bad weather and rough terrain.

Photoshoot 2.

Butteri in Vulci parc

Between the pillars of Sant'agostino

August 22nd, 2018

In an abandoned church called: Chiostro di Sant'Agostino, a collaboration of architecture and equine photography took place. The owner of the horse perfectly described it as: ‘Senza tempo’ which means ‘A place where time had stopped’. Polluce, the stallion fitted perfectly into the setting. The photoshoot took place when we are close to dusk, which made the golden light stream into the corridors of the church. The light illuminated the horse perfectly, matching the arcs of the building. Between the marble pillars with their rich ornaments, it was easy to forget about the world outside. With a confident step, Polluce pranced proudly through the hall. Making it look like he owned the building.

Photoshoot 3.

Stallion in church



This photo won National Geographic Photocontest 2018

The way their eyes show you their wisdom. The way their ears pay attention to their rider. The way their feet dance around the cattle. 

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