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The bond between horse and human is a special and unique one in every way. One thing is for sure, it deserves to be captured. Photos are the most valuable things to have. They have the ability to take you right back to that special moment. What I find important as a photographer is to be approachable, personal and flexible. Compassion, calmness and connection are key values of my work ethics. I want to get to know you and your horses story. To be able to give you the best possible experience. I'm here to capture your life long memory. Let's create something together. 

When the photoshoot is finished, I will carefully make a selection of the photos I took. Within 14 days, you will be able to pick your favorites through an online gallery which contains at least 50 photos. I will always be available to help with any choices or advice. After picking your favorites, I will carefully edit the chosen photos, one by one, for the perfect exposure, sharpness and details. Within 30 days, you will receive the chosen photos through email. When everything is perfect, you will receive a personal arranged photo package containing the high quality 13x19 prints and the digital photos on an USB stick, within 60 days.


The day of the photoshoot is a fun and exciting day! We will start with portrait photos and, if included, take action or riding photos. I will guide you through the whole process and give direction when, and if, necessary. Although, I like to stay in the background to capture the spontaneous moments between you and your horse. You don’t need to have any experience in posing. My work consist of very natural moments. I am striving to not only have a relaxed shooting, but also a fun day so that the whole experience is a good memory. I don't work with a time limit, therefore I take the time that we need to capture the best moments.


It all starts with a simple hello! You can sent me a message through email and social media. I would love to hear your story and your wishes. I am open for all ideas! People describe me as patient, flexible and easy going. Together we pick out a date and location. This could be in the comfort of your own environment or at a different location. You can choose from three photoshoot packages. If you are not sure which one will suit you, let me know and I am glad to help. After booking, I will send you a document with preparation tips for you and your horse. Good preparation is the key to succes!


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All packages include 21% VAT.
All packages exclude travel costs which are €0,19 per km from and to 8226 RK, Lelystad

Extra photo €20,-
5 extra photos €80,- 


• Photoshoot at your stable or on location
• Portrait, action and riding photos
• 15 edited photos on high resolution
• 2 hour photography session
• Personal online gallery
• The 15 chosen photos printed on 13 x 19 cm
• €150,- off of prints



• Photoshoot at your stable or on location
• Portrait and action photos
• 10 edited photos on low resolution
• 1,5 hour photography session
• Personal online gallery
• The 10 chosen photos printed on 13 x 19 cm
• €100,- off of prints



• Photoshoot in Lelystad or within 10 km
• Portrait photos
• 5 edited photos on low resolution
• 1 hour photography session
• Personal online gallery
• €50,- off of prints


A memory forever captured on print. Photos are an investment for life. The packages below are carefully curated to attend different needs. Don't know which one will fit you the best? Contact me and I will gladly help you. 





"Thanks a lot Minh for this morning shooting! I had a lot of fun and for the first results the pictures are just unbelievable. You are really talented and very kind! Such a pleasure to meet an incredible photographer like you!"

- Laura Balet-Clavien

"Minh, I am so happy I met you! You are not just a very good photographer, you are truly an artist! You really seem to capture the essence of a horse and the emotion of the moment. Thank you so much for the beautiful photos!"

- Jessica Westphal

Had a tremendously nice shoot!!! Minh Dan Vu thinks with you and makes it a pleasant atmosphere during the session! Beautiful photos that delivered fast in a nice gallery. Very nice service.

- Esmee van Heerde

"I love working with Minh! She is really passionated on what she does. More than a photographer, she's a true artist. I'm so grateful for having her join my journey! Looking forward to our Portugal tour together!"

- Barbara da Costa

Time and again I received beautiful pictures from Minh Dan! It is priceless to be able to put my previous pony and my present horse side by side. The shoots are always very casual and Minh Dan thinks along with your wishes! Definitely a recommend!

- Chantal Bonsink

Minh is sweet, knowledgeable, knows exactly what works and takes the most beautiful pictures ever!!! I have no understanding at all of photography and editing myself, but she answered all my questions with angelic patience. Definitely worth repeating!

- Esra de Ruiter

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After we have established all the details I will send out an invoice. The amount can be paid through bank transfer. The invoice should be fulfilled 5 days before the photoshoot takes place.

How does payment work?

When the weather is raining or storming the photoshoot can be postponed for free. If it's cloudy the photoshoot can resume as I prefer to photograph during cloudy weather instead of sunny.

What to do when it is rains? 

The travel fees within The Netherlands are €0,19 per km to and from 8226 RK, Lelystad. Travel fees outside of The Netherlands will differ from the number above. Contact me for the possibilities.

What are the travel fees?

Photos will be delivered on low and high resolution. Low resolution is 2400 x 1800 pixels and are too low of a resolution to print. However, they are perfect to share on the internet and have a logo. High resolution is 5000 x 3000 pixels and are a high enough resolution to print. They are without logo and are not to share on the internet.

What is high resolution?

Postponing due to reasons out of your control can happen. Postponing is free up until 5 days before the date of the photoshoot. If postponing happens later than 5 days, a percentage of 50% will be withhold. When cancellation happens on the photoshoot day itself, the full amount of the invoice will be withhold. 


You will receive the digital photos, within 30 days, in an online gallery where you can download them. Once the edited photos are approved by you, they will be professionally printed on 13 x 19 cm and be sent to you in a personally arranged photo package together with the digital images on a USB stick within 60 days.


The print credit is an amount of money included in your package which can be used to buy prints wall art.

What is the print credit?

Upon booking I will sent you a preparation guide with tips and tricks for you and your horse. The guide contains tips for your styling, your horses styling, useful props and more. Of course, I will help you with any questions. 

HOw Do I prepare best for a  photoshoot?

I travel all over the world to do photoshoots. Packages and travel costs for abroad differs from the Dutch photoshoots. Send me a message with your wishes and we can talk about the possibilities!

do you do photoshoots outside of the netherlands?

Frequently asked questions. Is your question not here? Send me a message anytime.



Connection, compassion and creating are key values of my work. Being with like-minded people makes the world a little brighter. I am open for ideas, conversations and collaborations. Let’s get in contact!

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